MAY 18

Children in focus - a clear call to action

by richard@midoptic.com

Children in focus — a clear call to action

SeeAbility has released new research that suggests thousands of children with learning disabilities in England’s special schools are missing out on vital eye tests and eye care despite being 28 times more likely to have a serious sight problem than other children.

Around 100,000 children attend special schools in England, including th...


NOV 17

Mid-Optic helps Crisis at Christmas again

by richard@midoptic.com

Crisis at Christmas

Mid-Optic are once again supporting Crisis at Christmas with a donation of optical products and ophthalmic drops, vital in the sight testing of the homeless people this worthy charity continues to help.

Every year, vital help from donors enables Crisis at Christmas to bring warmth, companionship and essential services to over 4,000 homeless people across the UK...


OCT 17

Sally's Story

by richard@midoptic.com

Sally is in her thirties and she has a rare genetic condition which means she has a learning disability. Sadly Sally developed glaucoma which wasn’t picked up early enough, resulting in sight loss She eventually received emergency surgery but she had already lost most of her vision,  now only seeing light and dark.

Maureen, Sally’s mum, said: "We feel guilty about Sally’s eye cond...