JUN 18

Harley's First Pupdate!

by richard@midoptic.com

Harley's First Pupdate

Several weeks ago, Harley left our National Breeding Centre, to begin an amazing adventure. We got in touch with his Puppy Walker, Jackie, to find out how he has settled in.

Jackie told us that Harley settled in very well, even though he had a slightly upset tummy at first. Sometimes pups can be a little unwell when first arriving in a new environment, and J...


MAY 18

Introducing Harley, our latest Guide Dog Puppy !

by richard@midoptic.com

Mid-Optic continue to support The Guide Dogs for The Blind Association and are proud to announce the arrival of our latest Guide Dog Puppy, Harley. He was born on March 9th, 2018 and is a black Labrador and Golden Retriever cross. Harley has now been placed with his Puppy Walker, who will start to teach him the skills that he will need as a future guide dog.
This is the beginning of a ver...


AUG 17

Mia's 10 Month Pupdate

by richard@midoptic.com

Mia's 10 Month Pupdate

It is hard to believe that Mia is now 10 months old and approaching the end of her time with her Puppy Walker, Michael. We recently caught up with Michael to find out how Mia has been getting on since we last updated you.

Michael tells us that Mia is making excellent progress with her training and is hitting all of the milestones we would expect for a dog of...