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Xailin Fresh
Code: XF
New Xailin Fresh unidose lubricant for patients with intermittent or...
Xailin Gel
Code: XG
Xailin carbomer gel provides long lasting relief from dry eyes.It's soothing,...
Xailin HA
Code: XHA
Xailin HA drops contain sodium hyaluronate, a naturally occurring,...
Xailin Hydrate
Code: XHY
Xailin Hydrate eye drops are a multi-dose eye drop containing hypromellose...
Xailin Night
Code: XN
New Xailin Night provides a lubricating shield to protect corneal tissue...
Xailin Wash
Code: XWSH
Xailin Wash is a sterile solution for rinsing the eye and is recommended for...