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Hard & GP Sols

Avizor GP Multi 240ml
Code: AGPM
Avizor GP Multi is an all-in-one solution for rigid and gas permeable contact...
Avizor GP Conditioner 120ml
Avizor GP Conditioner is a very effective wetting, disinfecting and rinsing...
Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml
Boston Advance Cleaner removes dirt and debris from your lenses, leaving your...
Boston Advance Conditioner 120ml
Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution provides exceptional...
Boston Simplus 120ml
One bottle multi-action solution that removes protein, cleans, disinfects,...
Boston Simplus Flight Pack
Code: BSFP
The new Boston SIMPLUS Flight Pack is the only mini-bottle daily lens care...
i-clean Daily Lens Cleaner 50ml
Code: IC
New i-clean is the ideal non-abrasive daily cleaning solution for both RGP...
MeniCare Pure
MeniCare Pure is the newest multipurpose solution manufactured by Menicon to...
Menicare Plus 250ml
Code: MCP
Multipurpose solution for all rigid gas permeable lenses.
Menicon Progent
Code: PROG
Protein remover and disinfecting solution for all rigid gas permeable lenses....
Menicare Spray & Clean 15ml
Code: MSC
New Spray & Clean from Menicon for cleaning all rigid gas permeable...
Ote Cleaner
Code: OTEC
Ote Clean (formerly known as Crystal Cleaner) is the perfect cleaning...
Ote Fine
Code: OTF200
Ote Fine is an all-in-one solution (with HPMC) for RGP contact lenses which...
Quattro 100ml
Code: Q100
Multifunctional solution suitable for all soft and RGP contact lenses....
Quattro 250ml
Code: Q240
Multifunctional solution suitable for all soft and RGP contact lenses....